Hey Developers,

We've taken on feedback and acknowledged that it's really important for you all to know when our services are up and performing as they should be. Because of this, we have implemented an automated status page that will display the current state of each of the APIs based on a bunch of automated tests. In the event of a test failure (an API call isn't working the way it should), we'll update the status of the status page and then update it again when the tests are passing. 

You can find the status page here: http://status.psma.com.au

You can also see what scheduled maintenance is planned, what services it will affect and subscribe to notification so you don't miss out on any new planned work.

One last thing, we'd like your input. This tool allows us to configure SMS and webhook notification, we'd love to know if that's something that would be useful for you. Send us an email at beta@psma.com.au and let us know.