Hey Developers, 

We've released a new version of both Addresses and Buildings API. This has the breaking change to standardizing to lowerCamelCase, the good news is as we've standardised now we shouldn't run into this kind of issue in the future. All new APIs will also follow the pattern of using lowerCamelCase.

New Features

  • Standardise on lowerCamelCase.
  • Public GitHub.
  • Basic QGIS plugin for 2.18 and 3.0.
    • This QGIS plugin allows you to search for an address return the GNAF IDs for the most likely address results then map the Building Footprints at those address to vector layers in QGIS.
    • We'll be slowly adding to the plugin over time, our first two additions will be the ability to enter an API key through the UI (currently its hard-coded) and a snap to the location when an address is found.
    • As its a public repo anyone can use or submit improvements to the plugin.


  • Better error messages when making incorrect calls with parameters.
  • Improved monitoring, soon to be included in a public status page.
  • Return all responses inside higher level objects and be consistent between direct URL and include parameter.


  • Status 404 instead of Status 500 when making a call to LGA for ACT (as LGA doesn't exist in the ACT).