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Predictive Address Verification API

Predictive address search and matching, based on progressive user input.

Buildings API

Finds buildings located at an address and offers data about their attributes.

Addresses API

Verifies an address and returns information about it.

What's New

Addresses API in beta

Our Addresses API aims to be the go-to resource for everything you need to know about an address. It verifies an address and returns information about it, including Commonwealth and state electoral boundaries, local government and ABS statistical areas, property identifier and geocode.

To experiment with the Addresses API for free while it’s in beta, opt-in to our Beta Program and we’ll send you a key. If you’ve already opted in, your beta Buildings API key will unlock the Addresses API also.

Let us know what you think and what other data you’d like to see.

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Sample API

Predictive Address Verification API

Predictive Address Verification is built upon the daily-updated dataset that drives G-NAF Live. The data is sourced from Australia’s state and territory governments and delivers authoritative national address data direct to you. It can bring location intelligence to business processes and solutions.

Get the address data you want, when you want it, at speed.

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